3rd Annual Wing King Judges

We’ve been hyping you up for the 3rd Annual Wing King but have failed to mention a big component of the event. Who’s delicately tasting, savoring and examining these wings to determine who will be crowned the WING KING/QUEEN 2011?

We want to thank our WK 2011 judges and highlight these wings-perts as best we can! Showing off their credentials and all.

BigBite’s Resident Judge Joe “Legendary Crush Basher” Bernstein Judge-Crusher Joe has been on board with BigBite since its creation. He has helped crown, our Philly Chili 2010, and 2011 winners. He also has crowned our wingers in 2009, 2010, and now the 3rd Annual Wing King. He brings a uniquely profound sense of taste from super high-brow to the lowest of the low end. This stud, with the luxurious locks, is also the owner of People’s Republic Food Cart.

Philly Chili Cook-Off Resident Judge and City Paper Blogger, Drew LazorAlthough Drew has not judged a Wing King just yet, he has been part of BigBite’s Philly Chili Cook-off’s, judging since its inauguration. He knows exactly what we are about, and his stellar judging has made him a part of the BigBite family. Drew is the Associate Editor for the Philadelphia City Paper. He leads the papers’ food blog, MealTicket. Yum.

Tom, WINGQUEST 2011 Blogger and Wing EnthusiastWe managed to grab one of the four dudes from Wing Quest 2011,  who are on the hunt for Philly’s best wing! These guys have a long list of wings to try in this city, in the search to find some good wangs, and where else to go but Wing King? Tom, from Wing Quest 2011 will be joining Wing King for the first time, to get down and dirty and ultimately crown the 3rd Annual Wing King/Queen. The competiton jumps off this Saturday, but in the meantime see who they think has the best wings in the city at Wing Quest 2011.

 Our judging team is not yet complete. We’ll be revealing more soon!



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