Gabriel is not new to the wing king game. This clucker knows his chicken. Well, this is what he had to say about it:

“There are no words to describe how much poultry has been a part of my life…but I’ll try. When I was a young boy in the mountains of Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, we lived around the bend from a Gallera (cocking fighting arena). My brother and I would tell our mother we were going for candy and head over there and watch from below the bleachers as the Jibaros (Rican country-side folks) would exchange money and insults. At family parties, my aunts would simply go into the yard, scoop up a chicken, and feather it, right there…it is the traditional technique.

My personal technique, is a bit different. I raise my chickens around lotus flowers and incense. Buddha statues and such. I like to ease the chicken before I prepare it. Poultry has to be relaxed, kinda like Kobe beef. You got to make the chicken feel at home, and warm. Sometimes you need to massage them, and sometimes you have to give them some relaxing tea before you cook them. Tea and chicken go together like bacon and eggs.You need to spend some good, quality time with them. No one wants tense muscles, tense wings. You want your chicken to be tender and relaxed, even if that means you need to offer tea, and some good conversation…that’s how you will get your best wing.I know my wings will take the crown this year at Wing King. All other competitors have nothing on my pampered and tender wings!”

Submit your photo’s to to enter the WING RING, if you are ready to battle.


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