DING, DING! Round 2!

Pierre is a first-time competitor in a Wing King competition. He enters the WING RING with his gloves on and ready….and he has them on real tight! Pierre has been working on mastering his perfect wing recipe over the last few weeks. BigBite caught up with him in the middle of his mastery.Pierre claims, “My wings are the Idi Amin of culinary excellency. Conqueror of poultry in general and chicken in particular. The uncrowned king of the fowl”

For those of you who don’t get the reference, Idi Amin was a powerful, nutty and ruthless dictator of Uganda who later declared himself the uncrowned king of Scotland. He was a heavy-weight boxer, an extreme and fearful leader and nothing could get in his way. By our standards, Idi Amin is also known as a gangsssta! We’ll see if Pierre is too, when he throws down at the 3rd Annual Wing King competiton.

Submit your photo’s to to enter the WING RING, if you are ready to battle.


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