Sweeeet Sponsors

You remember those hot summer days; you and your friends, outside, sweat pouring, slapping your lips together of thirst…and in the distance you hear the sounds of an electro-nursery-rhyme song? Seconds later you recognize that it’s….ICE CRRRREEEAM (Eddie Murphy voice)! The ice cream truck!!!

Nothing beat that fantastic experience of dashing into your house, dropping your hand out in moms face, getting a dollar, running back out and chasing the damn ice cream truck. Once you catch your breath and push yourself through a crowd of sweaty kids, you jump up, hand your dollar over and receive…the best sweet, chocolaty, deliciously messy treat.

Is your mouth-watering? Well that’s how I feel every time I think of getting my hands on a LoveBar chocolate bar AND A Cupcake Wonderlands’ cupcakes! Also know as the 3rd Annual Wing King’s Sweeeet Sponsors!

Not only are these 2 local food businesses showing us love, sweet love, by sponsoring us, but they will also be present on May 28th for Wing King.

Ask your mommy for money if you need to. You need to try these delectable’s! Well, unless “You can’t afford it, you can’t afforrd it…cuz you’re on the welfare!!!”



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