Last year’s kick-off to the summer brought us two fabulous events: BigBite’s Phil Money’s welcome to the thirties and our 2nd Annual Wing King competition. Both full of hot ladies (and when I say hot ladies, I mean me), booze and chicken…lots and lots of chicken.

Here’s a recap of how we does. We don’t cluck around.

Chicken wing aficionados from all walks of life joined the 12 chicken chefs, chicken scientists, and season wing-men/women as they battled for bragging rights. After a difficult and competitive competition, a diverse panel of local wing judges decided on who would be crowned the 2010 Wing King/Queen and take this fly-ass bird trophy home.
 Wing King Winners ride out for a year as the official WING KING, son!

With mounds and mounds of tasty wings…come the vultures! Shout out to all our peoples that showed love at last year’s Wing king! BigBite loves you and your hungry asses. They put a dent on our long layout of wings.

So what else do you do on a hot day, when hosting a chicken competition? You get a chicken costume! Say hello to Chicken. He’s the shit. But never chicken shit. Chicken, was a hit and loved showing off that sweet ass trophy.

Cherry was the name of the damn game. Big ups to our top two winners who won with two variations of cherry wings. Poppin’ cherries left and right.

Lily F., second place winner switched the game up with her Hot and Smoke’n Cherry Wings. Not only did she come hard with those wings but she also hooked it up with her A Cupcake Wonderland’s special-made Wing King cupcakes!

Holla at her cupcakes at A CupCake Wonderland. Best in the city. For reals.

Congratulations to 2010 2nd Annual Wing King Winner Charlie, stealing the judges’ taste-buds with his sweet Black Cherry Bumble Clot Wangs!!! Charlie is currently running the city. He’s the the 2010 WING KING. Pay some respect to this dude. Well, until May 28th…

Speaking of paying homage. Here you’ll see BigBite sharing admiration to the Inaugural Wing King, errr Queen winner, Nicole, and our 2nd Annual Wing King Winner, Charlie.

It’s that serious folks. Get working on your sauces…


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